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Fall Outdoor
Mineral Treasures 

September 9th, 2023

Michael’s Byzantine Church

Picnic Grove at St. Michael's          

203 Jacobs St., Mont Clare, PA 

Logan Antonowski: SPhere Doctor

Cherylanne and Shurland Branch:  Land of Crystals,LLC

Morgan Brown:  MC Brown Collection 

John Chickadel:  Pine Creek Cabochons


Brett Cohen:  The Interstellar Collection

Sherry Ennis: Legacy Rocks and Gemstones LLC

Jonathan Feigin:  Minerals of the World by Jonathan


Juan Gonzalez:  Hunter of Adventure

Greg Graupp:  Gregs Cabochons

Douglas Klieger 


George Makovetz

Saleem Minhas:  Minhas Gems & Minerals


Shana Parsons:  Parsons Rocks

Eric Meier:  Broken Back Minerals

Mark Miterman and Mark Taplar: Unique Minerals


Jere Myers:  J&S Crystals: Rocks, and Jewelry

Douglas McNicol: Tuscarora Lapidary Society

Bimal Rai: SAGICORP.


Sayed Shah: Hunza GC Corp

Karenne Snow:

Frank Stanski:  FS Minerals LLC

Jill Stufflet:  JSL Crystals Rock

Derek Yoost: Now and Then

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