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The purpose of the Philadelphia Mineralogical Society is to foster the study and appreciation of minerals by providing for the closer association of students, serious amateurs, professionals and others interested in mineralogy and related earth sciences.


Co-President:  Don McAlarnen

Co-President: Pam Pollister  

Vice President:  Lee McIlvaine  

Secretary:  Pam Pollister

Treasurer:  John Rateike

Immediate Past President:  Karenne Snow


Board Member At-Large: Ed Goebel

Board Member At-Large: Open

Spring Show Chair: Karenne Snow

Fall Show Chair:  Don McAlamen


Program Chair:  Bruce Mitchell


Field Trip Chair: Karen Stauffer


please contact: Lee Mcllvaine 


Webmaster: Joel Sloane

Newsletter Editor: Scott Peters


Field Trip Leaders:

Karenne Snow

Karen Stauffer

Community Connections:

Scout Connection: Stan Molchanow

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